In The Studio With Atlas Road Crew

Last week, Atlas Road Crew came to the studio to start recording a new single they co-wrote with Steven Fiore (of young mister).  in my opinion, ARC writing with fiore is a match made in heaven, as their styles lend themselves to each other beautifully.  we started the recording process with the demo they recorded with fiore.  it's always nice having a demo to start with in order to get an idea of the overall arrangement and vibe of the song.  we used the base tracks of the demo to track drums first and as we began re-recording each part, we started taking each part out of the demo until we didn't need the demo anymore.  This process lent itself to a fairly quick and painless recording process and the end result came out great.

We'll be going to finish the single at ocean industries in mid-december.  be on the lookout for the new single early next year.