Beach Tiger Releases New Single on Coast Records

Beach Tiger released a new single today which was premiered by Atwood Magazine

“Numb” is off the upcoming EP “Easy Livin’ Dream”, due out on Coast Records January 24th

Check out the full premiere here

Music and lyrics by Beach Tiger (Taylor McCleskey)
All instruments played by Beach Tiger (Taylor McCleskey)
Mixing Matt Zutell
Produced by Beach Tiger (Taylor McCleskey)

The synthpop quartet, Beach Tiger, released their first single, "Just Woke Up", in late 2015 and have enjoyed a steady rise of success ever since. While only releasing a handful of songs since their debut, the project has accumulated millions of streams worldwide and landed spots on some of Spotify's most coveted playlists including "New Music Friday" and "Indie Pop".

Following a hiatus and subsequent lineup change in late 2017, Taylor McCleskey, Beach Tiger's singer/songwriter, decided to take a year off from the band to clear his mind. Not knowing if he would ever return to the project, he released a few tracks under the solo name Kit Kazar, made a board game, and binge-watched sitcoms from the early '90s. In between episodes of Cheers one night, he found an old hard drive filled with unreleased tracks. After weeks of focused listening, he landed on three that inspired him to re-open the project as a solo endeavour.

“I love every part of this EP. Not just the songs, of course, but the vibe, the artwork, the tones, the title - it all seems to set a mood that allows a listener to space out in their brain and escape reality - even if for only 9 minutes.” - Taylor McCleskey

The vibey "Easy Livin' Dreaming" EP is set to be released January 24, 2019, on Coast Records.

Beach Tiger's bassist, Eric Mixon, landed in The Artisanals; Zac Crocker (keyboardist) and Blake Shorter (drummer) have embarked on their own project.

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